SEO Moncton

So what do most people search for in Moncton?

Most people immediately search for things like hotels, food courts, rental cars, kayaking, etc in the local Moncton area.

So when putting together an SEO campaign for your business, we would focus for example on one of your keywords like “Moncton Rental Cars” which would narrow down the search immensely and would filter out all car rental places in the rest of the country and you would most likely land on page #1 of Google within a few short weeks. Now if you searched further for “Moncton Rental Cars Limo” that would likely land your Moncton Limo company right around the top of Page #1 on Google. See how it works now?

It usually takes a few short weeks to land your company website on page #1 of Google and most often just right around the 3 month mark. As your sites popularity begins to grow through careful SEO planning and website optimization, we would suggest to continue using our services for between 3-6 months for maximum SERP effect so your website will continue to outrank the competition in your local area.

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