Hire Tom Mills (SEO Services Halifax) as Your SEO Consultant!

Not all companies want to sign a long-term full service SEO consulting agreement for 6 or 12 months. Not all businesses need a monthly SEO Subscription Plan. All businesses have different needs and I get that!

Tom Mills SEO Copy WriterSo maybe I can help you with just answering a question, maybe doing a Free Website Audit of your website, or maybe you just want feedback on a project that you have started.

My suggestion is to reach out and touch base so that you can at least bounce your ideas off someone with loads of web design and marketing experience.

If you need my professional SEO Consulting Services to get your website content indexed in Google and make it SEO proofed, hire me as your consultant.

You may already have a digital marketing agent or webmaster on your team ramping up with that very job title but trust me, I am an SEO expert with over 20 years of web development experience and have worked with hundreds of companies all across Canada and the United States.

My SEO Consulting Services will make sure you have an in depth SEO Audit, SEO Strategy, On-Page Optimization, Content Writing, Backlinks Creation in related authority markets, and Social Media Account Creation and Management.

That’s a lot of steps and a lot of work. No one works for free but I work competitively and I know what I am doing. So if you want the best expert SEO help in Canada, don’t hesitate to reach out and get ranked ahead of those annoying competitors, hire me today!


Don’t Take Shortcuts

SEO Services HalifaxDon’t cut corners. This is your business and you want results, not and experiment that lasts months. Everyone wants to get found on Page #1 of Google. This does not happen by accident.

Real Estate Companies, Auto Sales, Law Firms, Acupuncturists, Environmental Services, House Cleaning Companies, and to Fortune 500 companies have hired me as their SEO Consultant.

Some have hired me for a few hours or a day or a week while other have hired me on a month to month basis paying for monthly SEO subscriptions to increase their page rank quickly and beat other local competition for the same keywords.

All these companies have one thing in common, they offer great services or products and have a passion for succeeding without taking unnecessary shortcuts along the way. They hire the best SEO consultant and get the job done right out of the gate!

No Overnight Success in Business

Have you ever heard of any company becoming an overnight success in Atlantic Canada?

If a company builds fake profiles online and fills the web with mass backlinks they are quickly snuffed out by Google, the all powerful search engine that can make or break your business.

Google’s algorithm is very sophisticated these days and has learned from mistakes of the past by penalizing companies who practice “black hat” techniques such as mass backlinks, fake profiles, low level content on websites, etc.

Success should be a long-term venture partnering with a local SEO company who is a Google partner with years of experience!

I have built my SEO Consulting business up over the years with nothing but quality experience for quality companies around the Maritimes!

If you want to test the waters and get indexed high on Google, I will be glad to have a chat about you and your business, free of charge. I will then makes suggestions and get to work making your website SEO proof by giving it some Google love.

I will be glad to be your SEO Consultant for 4 hours, 4 days, 4 weeks, or 4 months! No 6 month or yearly contracts here, and you can quit when you want, no pressure.

SEO Consulting Pricing

My hourly consultation fee is $97 per hour.

This is not bad. Most SEO consultants for the big companies charge like $400/hour but I am here to help local business in Halifax, Moncton, Charlottetown, St John’s NL, and Cape Breton work within their operating budget, and not break the bank!

I bill hourly starting at $97 per hour, with a 4 hour minimum retainer of $388 CAD. Most clients hire me for consulting work for anywhere between 4-8 hours work performed on any one SEO consulting job. These are one time services with no contract.

No extra charge for extra questions after the job is complete.

SEO Consulting Jobs To Hire Me For


  • Installing Sitemaps and Analytics

  • Installing SEO Plugins like Yoast

  • Installing Security Plugins like WordFence

  • Installing SSL Cert

  • SEO Proofing A Website To Make it Google Friendly (meta areas, image alt tags, headers, footers)

  • Indexing All Site Content on Google

  • SEO Strategy Development

  • Local SEO

  • Google My Business Creation / Management / Content Curation

  • Citation Setup and Optimization (Reviews, Mentions, Testimonials, Comments management)

  • Localized Content Creation

  • Keyword Analysis and Research

  • Reporting and insights

  • Content Optimization

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Backlinks Audit

  • Website Migrations

  • Schema markup

  • Image optimization

  • Web Redesign Suggestions

  • Working With Your Team on Any Project

  • Google Penalty Recovery

No Gouging Here, Just Straight Up Fair Pricing

I have heard of crazy stories from new clients that have told me of paying like $800/month to Yellow Pages or Yelp for SEO Services. That is plain insane!

It’s bad enough they have been charged that much, but when they want to quick with Yellow Pages or other companies that gouge the consumer, they are told they are under contract and simply cannot quick. So what happens is they are being charged $600-800 per month for no more work being done. This is a terrible business practice, so my advice is buyer beware!

When hire me as your SEO marketing consultant and don’t worry about any contracts. I don’t believe in gouging, and fair is fair right? In the end, I want to be in the business of helping local businesses succeed online.

You will want to work with someone locally who understands your business, not from India, where you are just another dollar sign ($). I have a solid reputation for success, and can give references from companies I have worked with.

I can charge your by the hour as a consultant, or offer you a Monthly SEO Package (Starting at $97/month and up depending on the needs of each client). The monthly SEO packages are the most cost effective way of getting SEO Services for great value.

In other words you get a lot more bang for your buck with a monthly SEO plan that me charging you by the hour, but that is totally up to you.

Monthly SEO Subscription Package Pricing

SEO BASIC: Starting at $97/month! Perfect For Small local Business. A flexible solution for SEO growth for small businesses & start-ups, with low risk, quit anytime.

SEO CORPORATE: Starting at $197/month! Each SEO Monthly Subscription Package is geared towards enuring you get maximum Page Rank Results on Google in a more competitive market. More content, more backlinks, more marketing.

SEO DOMINATOR: Starting at $297/month! This Full Service SEO Package is great for even more competitive markets and is guaranteed to gain and maintain top spots on Google. For companies ready for wider reaching marketing & want to dominate SEO in their niche.

* Each SEO package includes on-page SEO, Article Writing Services, Off Page Services like Authority Backlinks Creation on top Web 2.0 sites in related markets, and social media marketing to share your website content on top social media channels like Facebook.

* We suggest the 3-6 month subscription plan, cancel at any time!

Find out more about signing up for Monthly SEO Services Package today!


Hit me up with any questions you may have about SEO, Web Design, or Digital Marketing. I will give you with a Free SEO Consultation and send the report to your inbox. The report will take a few hours as it is comprehensive and is valued at around $497 value, but is your to keep free of charge – 1-888-736-2382


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