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I have been a web developer in Nova Scotia for over 20 years and have become an SEO Expert in the past 10 years or so providing SEO, Web Design, and other Digital Marketing Services to local business owners.


Tom Mills SEO Copy WriterI love helping local businesses succeed!

I have the knowledge, experience, and expertise that is needed to produce results for local businesses in Halifax or any city across Canada. If you are actively searching for SEO services in Halifax, Monton, or Montral, you have probably already run across plenty of other companies in your search who provide all types of marketing and SEO services.

So Why Hire Me?

I provide a more personalized level of SEO, Web Design, and Marketing Services with customized SEO strategies and reporting that show you the results you are looking for, month after month!

If you are searching on Google, it is really the best way to attract natural,  organic website traffic to your website. Unlike paid ads (PPC – Google AdWords), SEO organic results stick! Over time, the results for your keywords get better and better.

Below you will find a few of the services I provide for local businesses big or small.


1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services

SEO Services Halifax NS

Here is what we provide for SEO Services for our clients in Canada. There is so much to SEO that we have actually partnered with Google to become a qualified Google Partner to keep up with all the algorithm updates each quarter.

SEO basically means optimizing a website to increase its page rank in any market / niche for specific keywords and phrases.

Our team at Halifax SEO Services uses modern SEO methods and tools to increase website traffic & rankings for targeted keywords and long-tail keyword phrases that are guaranteed to drive business to your site.

Our Monthly SEO packages include website management (theme and plugin updates, security, backups), article creation and promotion, Backlinks Creation, Social Media Optimization (SMO), press release writing and promotion, responsive web design, and other digital marketing services.

Our professional web developers at SEO Services Halifax are experienced at all aspects of online marketing and are waiting to hear from you today – Get Your Free Website Analysis and SEO Strategy today!

Choose An SEO Package to Help Get You Found On Google – Each SEO package includes Website Management, SEO Services, and Digital Marketing (3 services for the price of 1)


  • Consulting – Not all businesses want to sign a long-term contract for SEO Services for 6 or 12 months, I totally get that. All companies are unique which is why I structured my services to be on a monthly pay-as-you-go basis. Roughly   My new a la carte opti90% of our clients are on a SEO Plan that is subscription based. This means you pay a low monthly SEO Subscription payment until you get the results you desire and can quit at any time, no long-term commitment.
  • SEO Audit – Usually after I develop a website for a client in Halifax, I do what is termed an “SEO Audit”. This basically is an in-depth SEO assessment or audit of the business website to see where it stands in relation to other companies in the same market. In this way we will identify any potential weak spots like content, keywords, titles, images, videos, and other elements needed for a successful marketing campaign on Google.
  • Keyword Research – There are people out there on Google right now searching for your products or services. So when someone types in a search query on Google looking for your products or services, you will want your website to appear on the first page of Google right near the top of the first results page. The SEO strategy that I develop will identify these keyword phrases that people are searching for to find our business. We then use this keyword list to write content for your website so that they will find your website and not your competition.
  • Link Building – One of the best ways on the web to boost your website’s page rank on Google is by having your website link on other related authority sites around the web. The more popular a site is, the more important it is. Usually these popular sites are deemed as an expert in their fields. So using this as an example, we will need to build lots and lots of authority links on other Web 2.0 and Social Media sites so that your site earns trust, and your page rank will eventually grow. Backlinks tend to decay over a period of time so that is why it is important that we are continuously building additional links to keep it fresh. Search engines like Google actually use at thing called freshness signals (Fresh Rank) to determine the current popularity and relevance or all of your link signals back to your main business website.
  • Competitor Analysis – By analyzing competition in your business market, we can determine which keyword phrases a competitor uses to promote themselves on the internet. By looking at this competitor analysis report, we can move forward with a strong SEO strategy to market your website in a similar fashion. By knowing the competitors marketing strategy, pricing, shipping, social marketing, and backlinks for instance, we can then gain a competitive advantage over them and eventually be their competition as our page rank skyrockets.
  • Organic SEOOrganic SEO (search engine optimization) is a term that describes the natural placement on organic search engine results pages (SERPs). This is basically organic, natural free advertising done through professional SEO services. When a website ranks high on Google organically for it’s keywords, it means your site is now looked at as an authority site. Organic search engine optimization results are longer lasting that paid ads and tend to grow as time goes on. A few basic tips that we use to improve organic SEO results are identifying targeted keywords that users are searching for, on-page optimization, creating fresh and unique content, creating and attracting high quality links back to the customer website (backlinks), sharing on top social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Reddit, and monitoring performance through analytics.
  • Google Penalty Recovery – If you get hit with a Google penalty for some reason we can take the necessary steps as a Google partner to get your website re-indexed on Google. I will do a fresh in-depth analysis of your site and backlinks to see why the penalty occurred in the first place. Is it the on-page content, bad reviews possibly. We will get to the bottom of it and make the necessary corrections by updating your sitemap to Google’s backend Tools console for reconsideration. This has been very successful me over the years!
  • Google My Business / Maps – Google My Business and Google Maps are now integrated and show an overview of a businesses presence within a community. The Google Maps ranking means your site is more popular that other sites in your areas based on customer reviews, pictures, videos and other popular content online for your business. An important first step  that we do for any SEO client is develop a solid SEO strategy which includes claiming your local Business on Google Maps (My Business Llisting). Getting your website verified on “Google My Business” can increase your chances of increasing your local organic search rankings in general.
  • Local SEO – Local SEO basically refers to the process of ‘optimizing’ your website to attract more customers who are searching for your services or products locally from relevant Google searches. Appearing in local search results is very important for your business if you sell goods or services. We know how to boost your local page rank


2. Web Design Services

Web Design Services HalifaxYour website is probably the most important asset you have online as far as marketing is concerned. It is the main tool that allows your business to grow over time. If you business website is not optimized for the search engines, and it is not mobile friendly then you will get penalized by Google, and then no one will find it.

Search engines like Google and Bing need to find your website and show it to people who are searching for your products or services. This is the point of having a website, it to not only make it look pretty, but to showcase your goods or services and have people either buy online, or call you to find out how to purchase.

Website Optimization Services – Over 85% of online sales actually begin with an online search on Google or some other major search engine so you need to make sure your website is optimized at all times. We are serious about optimizing your website for the top search engines like Google to give you the best search engine ranking results possible!

Choose a local website design company in Halifax that will build you a beautiful website and then get you the guaranteed results you are after through professional SEO Services. So if you think it is time for a new website, try reaching out for a free website analysis or website consultation at any time – 1-888-736-2382 |


3. Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services Halifax NSDigital Marketing means promoting your website online to grow your page rank and bring in website traffic via organic search results. There are many way to market a website online including the building of Web 2.0 websites that support the online presence and branding of a business.

Some of the things that we do well at SEO Services Halifax is to manage our client’s website, market their website and social media channels online to build brand awareness, and manage social media channels for citations, reviews, testimonials, and visitor comments.

Content Marketing – Your website content is most likely the first impression your customers will get of your business. We want your website to rank high on Google so we write creative articles that are optimized with your market and keywords in mind.

We want to ensure that your business website is engaging and converts target traffic into leads and sales. Our content writing and creative marketing services put your company’s message, brand, website, and social media channels in front of users looking for your products or services on Google and other major search engines like Bing and Yahoo.


4. Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Halifax NSYou must understand and relate to your customers on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!

By combining SEO, Digital Marketing and Social Marketing, people will become aware of your brand in no time. Brand awareness is basically building a buzz online about your website and brand in the hopes of improving search engine rankings.

Many web development companies offer social media marketing services, but you need to partner with a local SEO marketing agency in order to succeed online.

Social Media Strategy – To build brand awareness and engagement for your social media profiles online you need a clear social marketing strategy with company goals, objectives, targeted audience, with suggestion and measurable results each month.

Let SEO Services Halifax be your marketing partner so that we can help improve your brand online in order to reach that customer base who is actually looking for your products or services.

Paid Ads, Contests – Social media contests especial on Facebook will engage audiences and build likes and fans, that you can advertise to moving forward. Social Marketing Contests are a great way to encourage visitors to your social media channels to purchase your products, share your content, and to every further build your online presence.


5. PPC – Google AdWords Management

Google AdWords PPC Management HalifaxPaid Advertising methods like Google AdWords are now a huge success for companies wishing to spend a little money in order to get a lot back. The ROI will be much greater when investing in PPC advertising on Google that if they had not spent the money and relied on SEO alone.

Paid search advertising or pay-per-click – PPC are usually targeted towards specific audiences searching for certain products or services on Google. PPC can offer instant traffic where SEO takes longer to build up over time.

The PPC process starts with us doing a keyword research analysis and then creating a master list of keyword phrases that people are already searching for in your market. Once the keywords are selected, we create a few ads based upon your services or products so that your URL will show up on the top page of Google in the paid ads section, when someone searches.

You pad Google according to how many time you want your ad shown to prospective buyers in the search results. You pay a base amount when the ad is shown to a searcher and another amount when someone actually clicks through to your website.

PPC Budget: A modest budget for PPC (Google AdWords( would be around $300 CAD per month which is roughly $10/day and this is paid directly to Google after the first month’s PPC campaign has ended. You can quit at any time.

This amount does not go to us at SEO Services Halifax, but again, directly to Google AdWords. We only charge a monthly PPC management fee of roughly $100/mo per month which includes weekly monitoring, tweaking the keyword list, creating and tweaking ads, and working with Google AdWords Specialists to make sure you are getting the best bang for your advertising dollar.

If you are looking for a Top SEO Company in Halifax, Nova Scotia, that can help with Web Design, SEO, and Social Marketing, we can help! If you need creative, engaging content that connects with Google and Website Visitors alike, let’s talk today – 1-888-736-2382 |

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If you are looking for a Top SEO Company in Halifax, Nova Scotia, that can help with Web Design, SEO, and Social Marketing, we can help! If you need creative, engaging content that connects with Google and Website Visitors alike, let’s talk today - 1-888-736-2382 |