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3 FREE guidebooks for Facebook Marketing including Mobile

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It’s hard trying to keep up with all the changes on Facebook, but HubSpot articles have made it easy with 3 great new guides to follow. You will be amazed at just how much more effective your Facebook and Social Marketing Skills will become when you use these new Social Marketing strategies. I am particularly impressed with the Mobile Marketing guide. I had no idea how many people use mobile to access Facebook!


Download all three FREE Social Marketing Books on Facebook Strategies and don’t forget to share with your friends and colleagues on facebook.

1. Facebook for Mobile Marketing
Over 600 million people use Facebook on their mobile devices. Catch up on the rapidly evolving mobile marketing landscape and find customers at the same time. Learn how to use Facebook on mobile to improve your marketing efforts. Get your free eBook now from HubSpot: http://ow.ly/hoNN3

2. Attract New Customers with Facebook
Facebook has over 1 billion users, and your potential customers are probably among them! Are you using Facebook as a customer acquisition tool yet? Learn how to best utilize Facebook for your business. Contact the Social Media Expert in Canada to ask questions if you are still stumped on SEO. Get your copy now: http://ow.ly/hoNBO

3. Engage your Fans on Facebook
Get tips and tricks to help your Nova Scotia Company engage with fans on Facebook. Fans are the heart and soul of your Facebook business page. Encourage conversations and increase the number of fans who become customers! Get your free copy now: http://ow.ly/hoNJv

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