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Ten New Rules for SEO Success in Nova Scotia

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If you want to learn how to stay ahead of the competition in Nova Scotia, you will need to learn valuable SEO marketing strategies that other companies of all sizes can may be using at the moment to increase site visibility, increase the number of visitors coming to their site, and most importantly;  improve leads and sales.

The SEO rules change constantly; ask questions and stay up to date on best practices for SEO in Nova Scotia in today’s rapidly expanding world. Ask an SEO expert like Tom Mills, Director of Online Marketing and Social Media Consult with SEO Services Halifax. He will give you a “free SEO quote” and make many recommendations how to stay on top of the SERP (search engine results pages) on Google for your keywords in your local area.

Tom’s background includes running worldwide social marketing campaigns for over 200+ companies mostly in North America in the past few years. He is also a long time and professional Nova Scotia web designer and Social Media Consult for clients from Halifax, Nova Scotia and right across Canada.

He has taken many clients that were not even in the top 50 pages on Google for their keyword and within a couple short months has them competing for top positions on Page #1 of Google.

Tom uses Google Best Practices Guide and follows “white hat” SEO techniques to optimize your website and content in order to give you proven search engine ranking results. Most of the focus of on-page SEO is in the following areas:

  • Content and keywords for your market
  • Link building
  • URLs (hypertext linking)
  • Navigation
  • Sitemaps
  • Anti-spam plugins
  • Responsive plugins for mobile devices
  • Optimized design for higher search engine ranking
  • Full SEO and Analytical Reports

SEO in 2014:

Search engines including Google know exactly how long users will stay on websites in 2014 and the SERPs are likely log that information as a factor in determining a website’s quality in the near future.

In 2014, expect the savviest fortune 500 brands to focus on creative ways to convey meaning through solid web design and quality SEO practices while creating highly engaging website interactivity with their users. The key will be to balance SEO practices with good website design techniques.

In the past, web designers were charged with cramming as much information as possible onto a web page, but the drawbacks of hiding text are well documented and Google slammed companies in the past for this practice.

One of the best ways of adding more content without making it look that way is to include tabs, buttons and expandable sections. The good news is that it will not affect  negatively on a company’s SEO initiatives if done correctly, says Google’s Matt Cutts.

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3 FREE guidebooks for Facebook Marketing including Mobile

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It’s hard trying to keep up with all the changes on Facebook, but HubSpot articles have made it easy with 3 great new guides to follow. You will be amazed at just how much more effective your Facebook and Social Marketing Skills will become when you use these new Social Marketing strategies. I am particularly impressed with the Mobile Marketing guide. I had no idea how many people use mobile to access Facebook!


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3. Engage your Fans on Facebook
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Avoid These 5 SEO Mistakes

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SEO Mistake #1: Not using keywords correctly.

Many SEO webmasters  are concerned about being banned from the search engines for keyword spamming or stuffing so they limit the use of keywords on their web pages. As long as your content sounds natural and reads easily, the chances are you have not overused your keywords.

Make sure your SEO keywords are included in the first and last paragraphs, in your headings and in your title and meta tags.

SEO Mistake #2: Trying to fool search engine spiders.

Search engines are a lot more sophisticated than most of us realize. They recognize – and penalize – hidden text, keyword spamming, and cloaking, which is showing different content to the search engine spiders than to your visitors. All of these practices only serve to hurt your page ranking and can in fact cause your website to be banned by the search engines, which means no one will find you – and no traffic means no profits.

SEO Mistake #3: Using Flash

Flash is a great presentation tool and can be dramatic and effective if used sparingly. It’s particularly appropriate if you have a social media related website and want to demonstrate your industry savvy. However for most website owners it’s just not necessary and can harm your page ranking. Search engine spiders cannot read content embedded in Flash files, which means they’re not recognized or indexed.

SEO Mistake #4: Using Your Company Name (and Only Your Company Name) As a Title Tag

Unless you’re branding your company name as in Halifax SEO, your company name shouldn’t be the only element in your title tag. Feel free to include it, however it’s also important to use your primary keyword for each webpage title tag. This is more useful for your customers and helps the search engines identify the various pages on your site.

SEO Mistake #5: Using A Splash Page

A splash page is a web page with a large graphic or company logo, and a link to enter the site. This is an ineffective strategy for a number of reasons: 13

* No keyword rich text on the page, nothing for the spiders to index.
* Only one internal link on the page
* These pages often have a redirect which often causes spiders to ignore them
If search engine optimization is important to your business, you may need to forgo the splash page. Your home page should be easy to navigate, content rich, and link visitors and spiders to other main web pages.

In general, unless you’re trying to outsmart the search engines and using nefarious tactics, the majority of search engine mistakes are reversible.  If you’ve committed a few of these mistakes, simply correcting them can increase your page ranking almost immediately.  Take some time to evaluate your SEO strategy and eliminate these SEO mistakes.

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Still have SEO questions ask the Social Media Marketing Expert in Canada.


SEO Services Are Important to Succeed in Business Online

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Halifax SEO Services are a complete web development solutions based in Canada, serving customers locally in Cape Breton, Halifax, and throughout the Maritimes and globally.

Your website is one of the most important parts of  your business, if not the most important decision your company will ever make.More than that, about 75% of the people who visit your website will do an instant analysis of your business model and judge you solely on what they see on your website, and compare you to your competition.

Halifax Web Design offers web solutions from the website itself, with site add-ons such as Social Marketing, SEO requirements, Domain Name Registration, and Web Hosting. Please check out our pricing for more information. Think about it. The next visitor to your website could be the most valuable asset to your company this year, meaning he could be a repeat customer, and not only bring you business, but more importantly, recommend you to his friends and colleagues!

Shoot me a message to discuss your ideas for a new website or site re-design. I am looking forward to speaking with you!


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