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Ten New Rules for SEO Success in Nova Scotia

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If you want to learn how to stay ahead of the competition in Nova Scotia, you will need to learn valuable SEO marketing strategies that other companies of all sizes can may be using at the moment to increase site visibility, increase the number of visitors coming to their site, and most importantly;  improve leads and sales.

The SEO rules change constantly; ask questions and stay up to date on best practices for SEO in Nova Scotia in today’s rapidly expanding world. Ask an SEO expert like Tom Mills, Director of Online Marketing and Social Media Consult with SEO Services Halifax. He will give you a “free SEO quote” and make many recommendations how to stay on top of the SERP (search engine results pages) on Google for your keywords in your local area.

Tom’s background includes running worldwide social marketing campaigns for over 200+ companies mostly in North America in the past few years. He is also a long time and professional Nova Scotia web designer and Social Media Consult for clients from Halifax, Nova Scotia and right across Canada.

He has taken many clients that were not even in the top 50 pages on Google for their keyword and within a couple short months has them competing for top positions on Page #1 of Google.

Tom uses Google Best Practices Guide and follows “white hat” SEO techniques to optimize your website and content in order to give you proven search engine ranking results. Most of the focus of on-page SEO is in the following areas:

  • Content and keywords for your market
  • Link building
  • URLs (hypertext linking)
  • Navigation
  • Sitemaps
  • Anti-spam plugins
  • Responsive plugins for mobile devices
  • Optimized design for higher search engine ranking
  • Full SEO and Analytical Reports

SEO in 2014:

Search engines including Google know exactly how long users will stay on websites in 2014 and the SERPs are likely log that information as a factor in determining a website’s quality in the near future.

In 2014, expect the savviest fortune 500 brands to focus on creative ways to convey meaning through solid web design and quality SEO practices while creating highly engaging website interactivity with their users. The key will be to balance SEO practices with good website design techniques.

In the past, web designers were charged with cramming as much information as possible onto a web page, but the drawbacks of hiding text are well documented and Google slammed companies in the past for this practice.

One of the best ways of adding more content without making it look that way is to include tabs, buttons and expandable sections. The good news is that it will not affect  negatively on a company’s SEO initiatives if done correctly, says Google’s Matt Cutts.

Still have questions?

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