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Our local SEO Experts in Halifax, Nova Scotia are tailored to specific keywords and markets located within Halifax, Moncton, Cape Breton, Charlottetown, and other localities here in Atlantic Canada.

Finding success online is not easy but if you hire the right SEO company all that can come easy! Local people are searching for your products or services right now! Let us help you raise brand awareness, generate traffic and leads, and find new customers through creative marketing techniques.

SEO Services Halifax NS

Hire an SEO Consultant, Locally

Hire a local SEO Consultant and we will guarantee you the traffic, revenue, and results you are after. The difference between a big SEO agency our local SEO firm is that we provide a more personal approach, partnering with our clients.

In light of recent search engine changes and Panda updates, Google has emphasized the focus on providing a better user experience, higher quality content, and measurable and regular activity on all business websites and blogs in Canada. For the local Nova Scotia market, internet users are searching for your keywords and all you have to do it a couple basic things.

Number one is to optimize your website on-page changes to make sure major search engines index your pages according to certain meta, keywords, anchor text, and other header markers.

Number two would be to consistently write quality content to keep your readers interested so that they will come back often. The more quality content you write with the correct LSI and keywords for your market, the higher your page rank will be on Google.

Number three would be to share your site content on top social media channels to build brand awareness and to get extra algorithm points from Google. Social Media Marketing is a whole process itself encompassing content sharing, citations, brand awareness, interaction with fans, comments, reviews, and testimonials on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Strong UX (User Experience)

So you want to build a strong user experience (UX) that ranks high on major search engines like Google?

Halifax SEO Services experts have amassed many years of experience on the local Atlantic Canadian market and have narrowed down Search Optimization science to to local market, or “local SEO“.

Someone searching for local Italian restaurants in Halifax should have no problem coming up with a reasonable list of top quality Italian restaurants in that local Halifax area. The restaurants who have great quality content, backlinks and a good social presence seem to do better and get found towards the top of the Google search engine results pages (SERP).

However if you are the owner of one of these restaurants or pubs you want to make sure your company is listed on the 1st page of Google and in #1 position, as that position gets 90%+ of the click throughs and business.

Let Us Do The Decision Making

Let SEO Services Halifax solve the tough problems for you regarding getting found on Google. We will do up a professional SEO Analysis and Strategy that will prioritize, research, analyize, and make a solid marketing plan moving forward.

  • We are here to help grow your business by getting you top positions on Google and other major search engines and saving you time and money in the process!

  • We understand small businesses in the Maritimes very well and have a strong local presence ourselves as an top SEO company in Halifax and Atlantic Canada – SEO Services Halifax.

  • Our Clients are our number one priority and are actually our working family or partners in business if you will. So with the right SEO Services, digital marketing, and solid web design, we are a full services web development company looking to get your some solid website traffic and an increased brand awareness.

  • We promise to promote your website until you have reached page #1 of Google for your keywords!

  • Monitoring of content, backlinks, and social content.

  • Reporting weekly through Google Analytics, PPC Reports, and Facebook Insights.

Partner With a Local SEO Expert

If you are not sure where to begin or have not been getting the SEO results you desire, partner with a local SEO expert in Halifax Nova Scotia! Let us help you get found in the top three position on Page #1 of Google for your keywords and market.

Contact SEO Services Halifax today for your Free SEO Consultation.

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Halifax SEO Expert
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